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Our medical cannabis clinics focus on helping patients with chronic conditions who may benefit from medicinal cannabis. Our network of GPs and specialists around Australia clinically assess and prescribe according to Australian TGA and State regulations.

To be eligible for medicinal cannabis in Australia, patients must have a condition for which there is some evidence that medicinal cannabis helps and must have exhausted or be unable to use conventional therapies for their indication.

For more information on federal government rules pertaining to access to medical cannabis in Australia, please refer to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website. The TGA also provides some consumer information and guidance for patients.

It’s always a good idea to do your own research if you are interested in applying for medical marijuana, including CBD oil and THC products. Background information about cannabis in Australia can also be found online.

Patients can be prescribed medicinal cannabis at the CA Clinics by following our simple 4 step process:


Book a Screening

Our team will explain the requirements for obtaining medicinal cannabis in Australia, and the process for approval.  They will assess your case to see if you may be a suitable candidate, before you see one of our doctors. Screening appointments take less than 15 minutes and can be completed via Phone call or video (telehealth) from the comfort of your own home.

Book Screening Appointment

See our Doctor

Our doctor will assess your condition and make a decision about whether to apply for medicinal cannabis on your behalf. Before seeing our doctors, patients must have a referral and health summary from their regular GP or Specialist and complete a consent form. Doctor consultations can be done via video (telehealth) or in person at one of our clinic locations.

Doctor Referral Form
Consent Form


Approval and Script

If our medical team determines that medicinal cannabis is a suitable treatment for you, we will apply for approval from the necessary authorities and your prescription can be dispensed.


Ongoing Monitoring

All CA Clinics patients undergo strict monitoring to assess the outcome of treatment. Monitoring is done at approximately monthly intervals.

Next Steps?


We are dedicated to providing the latest information on medicinal cannabis and how it can help certain conditions. The regulations and legislation governing medicinal marijuana in Australia are subject to change and updates, so it’s important for our medical cannabis clinic to stay abreast of new developments to ensure the highest quality care for our patients.

There is also occasionally misinformation on the internet about the sector, so we have developed a series of news articles to help Australian patients and doctors.

Doctor Recruitment

Join our expanding base of network GPs and specialists at our medicinal marijuana clinics around Australia. What do we have to offer?

  • Excellent earning potential
  • Complete flexibility on hours and genuine work-life balance
  • Streamlined facilities, including our own pathology services which allow us to provide clinical feedback.
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Latest News

March 31, 2020
The Role of Medicinal Cannabis in an Anxious Coronavirus World

The Role of Medicinal Cannabis in an Anxious Coronavirus World

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March 30, 2020
Australian opioid-induced deaths are still relatively low

Can Medicinal Cannabis Minimize the Use of Opioids to Reduce Safety Concerns? 

Can Medicinal Cannabis Minimize the Use of Opioids to Reduce Safety Concerns? Medical cannabis has been investigated for its suspected opioid-sparing capacity for more than 20 […]
March 16, 2020

Telehealth: A Rising Sector In Uncertain Times

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