Applying for Medical Marijuana NSW

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Applying for Medical Marijuana NSW

Update: As of April 13 2018 state approval is no longer reuqired for medicinal cannabis products. Please see this article for an overview of federal regulations

To prescribe medicinal cannabis products in New South Wales, doctors must apply for federal approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), as well as gain state approval from the NSW health authority.  State approval depends upon which schedule listing the medical cannabis products are classified as.  Approval forms can be downloaded from the TGA and State Health websites using the links displayed in the table below, or the CannabisAccess medical cannabis portal may be used for online submissions.  Submissions must be made on a per-patient basis and usually take between 1 - 6 days for approval.  


Schedule Listing

TGA Approval Process

State Approval Process

New South Wales

Schedule 4


not required

New South Wales

Schedule 8


NSW Health Approval

Once approval is given from the TGA, the doctor will receive an approval certificate that must be provided to the medicinal cannabis product supplier before the product can be legally dispatched. Once approval is given from the NSW State Health Department, the pharmacist will receive an approval certificate, which is required to legally dispense the product to the patient. 

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God bless you xx♥♡
12 April 2018, 04:04
Much thankfully of your work iv got smorses nodes and posable Ms my nanna had it I refus to let it get to me such condishens get to me im in modret painto servlvire pain but mgh pandalo and asprin plus a few brandys dose the trick um I think I need cbc not thc but Sory dont know im ok just so greatfull the law has changed god bless you ppl plz it is a good medical treatment just plz be carefully k xx♥♥
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